We all need that helping hand

Starting any business in Singapore is tough. Even more so when you are short of capital and perhaps no one then believed, that your business idea is going to work. In each and everyone of us, we all have a dream no matter how big or small yes?

Sometimes you do not need that financial support. Maybe you just need a little bit of moral support to help push you over that wall and see the horizon.

Every now and then—very occasionally in fact—we extend a helping hand to startups by way of providing basic brand identity to them free. Pro bono if you want to call it. We at Shooting Fish Communications were once there—a startup with no helping hand. We clawed our way for 15 years. We understand exactly how it feels. With such fierce competition today, we are still sharpening our claws and await the next moment.

This is a logo created for a supermart. There will be more retail literature coming up, so stay tuned or visit our portfolio page.

All the best, Ya Hui Supermart.

Ya Hui Logo Proposals


Should we go premium?

Everyone wants their brand’s visual identity to be exclusive. That goes the same for Shooting Fish Communications. Alas, the dilemma is should we upgrade to wordpress premium for that customisable theme? For sure we know that unifying both our website and blog page is the clear advantage here. But the little problem that we face is that me, the author, can get pretty busy and too lazy to write blogs. Until then, we will keep using the free theme.

That “one in 10,000” designer.

You meet countless designers in your lifetime.
Then comes along this “one in 10,000” designer that sets the bar. Someone who can get into your little head and see your oh-so-grand vision and translating it onto paper…and computer. We are very fortunate to have Wong Yu Wen on board as a senior designer. Yu Wen is a shy girl and she prefers to hide behind the computer.


Okay, on with slave driving this new member of TheGang@ShootingFish.